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Padel Base
Padel Base

100% made in Italy know-how

Base Padel Milano was born from an idea by Fabio Giudici, born in Milan and adopted by Como, who combined two passions: the one for fashion, a sector in which he has gained thirty years of professional experience, and the on for Sport, in particular Padel, with which he immediately fell in love with.
In his professional past, Fabio collaborated closely with the style offices of the most important Italian designers, dedicating himself above all to the research and development of printed and non-printed fashion fabrics.
As a sportsman, his critical eye, accustomed to the analysis of detail, has detected in the field a shortage of suitable and performing materials in technical clothing specific for Padel.
Strong of the know-how matured, he has therefore decided to fill this gap by launching the brand BASE, which he signs collections of technical clothing dedicated to the graphics and contemporary lines and eye-catching, that guarantee players maximum comfort thanks to the use of materials with the high added value, such as carbon fiber and recycled yarns, exclusively from 100% Made in Italy supply chain.

1. Why Base?

Great discoveries are made by chance, in fact Padel was born from a mistake in the construction of a tennis court which created a new adventure of sport and fun.
Base Padel Milano starts from a similar idea: the study of a new material capable of perspiring the skin and at the same time adapted to the needs of continuous movement typical of padel. It’s from this idea that our collection of sports garments was born. A new selection of clothing created to stand out and to raise higher the needs of professionals and not.

2. Innovation

Innovation and exclusivity are the watchwords of Padel Base Milano. A line of technical-sports garments designed with the needs of padel players and amateurs in mind, studied by the anatomy of the fibers that make up the fabrics and designed to allow articulated and fast movements. Our team for 30 years in the world of textiles, in the style offices of the great textile history of Como and the world of Milanese fashion have allowed us to develop background of exceptional technical knowledge and tailoring.

3. Techno fabric

All Base Padel Milano garments are 100% Made in Italy: the fabrics are born and are carefully packaged in Lombardy. The revolution of Base passes precisely through a techno yarn in the breathable active carbon that increases the technical performance of sports garments improving muscle performance. The quality characteristics of the product comply with strict specifications that ensure a correct behavior to the stresses of use. The exclusive use of carbon fiber allows you to create a durable material able to respect the PH of the skin and the consequent natural sweating, allowing a healthy and pleasant feeling during its use.

Run, Jump, win a set will be easier with Base clothing. Attention to nature and sustainability are central themes for Base Padel Milano. A line of technical garments created partly with polyester fabrics made with recycled plastic bottles and partly with eco-sustainable technical fabrics composed of regenerated nylon threads. The use of these materials allows the creation of resistant and technical fabrics that respect the environment and avoid unnecessary waste harmful to the environment.